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Request for Replacement Testamur

Important Information You Should Know

  • Graduates of UNSW may apply for a replacement testamur (degree certificate) if their original testamur has been irretrievably lost, stolen, destroyed, damaged or if there has been a change of name.
  • Replacement testamurs are issued in the current testamur style, but will show the original date of graduation and the date of re-issue.
  • A replacement testamur cannot be issued if the original testamur is still in your possession. A testamur is a legal document and only one can be issued per award.
    • If you still have the damaged or incorrect testamur it must be returned to UNSW Graduations before a replacement can be issued.
    • If you are no longer in possession of the original testamur a Statutory Declaration must be submitted with this application.
      A Statutory Declaration must be completed and include the details of the testamur (i.e. the award on the testamur, year of graduation, name of university) along with details of its loss/theft. It must be completed fully in the presence of an authorised witness, then signed by you and co-signed by the authorised witness. A Statutory Declaration can be downloaded at the following link:
  • If there has been a change of name, an application must be made to UNSW Student Central to correct or change your UNSW record. Please see further information at the following link: and please note certified documentary evidence must be provided.
  • Please allow 4 weeks processing time from receipt of completed application, not including delivery.
  • Postage is included in the replacement cost. Testamurs will be sent by Registered Post within Australia and internationally via TNT courier. Items sent via TNT courier will require a contact name and telephone number, and cannot be sent to post boxes as items must be signed for on delivery.
  • Please be aware that if you provide falsified documents to external agencies which misrepresent your qualifications from UNSW, then this could result in one of a range of penalties, from failure in the course or suspension (where applicable), exclusion and/or the matter may be reported  to ICAC. As a student, you should be aware of your obligations and responsibilities under the Student Code which can be found here:

Proof of Identity

To enable the University to fulfil its obligations under the Privacy and Personal Information Protection Act (NSW) 1998, you must submit a copy of your driver's license, passport or birth certificate. Your request cannot be processed until you provide this. If you do not have a current driver's license or a passport, you will need to provide copies of the equivalent of 100 points of ID such as medicare card, bankcard, student identity card, electricity bill etc.

If you have changed your name since you studied at UNSW, you will also need to provide evidence of this by providing either a copy of your marriage certificate, official change of name certificate or a copy of other relevant documentation.


I certify that all information, including supporting documentation and certificates, are correct. I hereby authorise the University to contact the professional authority concerned for the purpose of verifying any information he or she supplied. I acknowledge that the University will, where appropriate, advise the relevant Commonwealth government authority of the outcome of this application.


The personal information you provide in this form will be used by UNSW for the primary purpose for which you provided it and for other secondary purposes directly related to that primary purpose. Your personal information will be managed in accordance with the UNSW Privacy Policy and the UNSW Student Privacy Statement


e.g. you’ve completed two degrees BCom LLB, you need a replacement for only the BCom testamur then choose 1.
Note: this number will determine the amount you will be charged.

e.g. BCom



Please scan all required documents to 1 PDF file and attach, alternatively you can add all documents to a single zip file. File size is limited to 2MB